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  • Visa Cancellation
  • political and social stability
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No need Visas to come to Senegal !!! The visa is removed for Senegal. Do more visa to come to the country TERANGA (hospitality) just a passport.Obtaining biometric visa to travel to Senegal was in any case a complex and expensive (50 euros) which discouraged many potential tourists. Tourism professionals had complained repeatedly constataient and a significant drop in arrivals to countries the entry conditions more flexible.The president agreed with them and since 1 May 2015, more need entry visa to Senegal.


Politically stable and socially !!! Democracy, multiparty system, strong institutions, recognition of political and social rights, freedom of expression: Senegal is a model in Africa. The stability of Senegal is cited as an example worldwide. The country has a moderate level of risk according to Credit Risk International. An influential player in Africa, Senegal is a signatory to international conventions on the protection of the environment, human rights, trade, copyright, labor law, etc. Senegal is known for his leadership in making major decisions in favor of Africa.


Mastering the French language !!! Senegal is a multilingual country, but French is the official language of Senegal under Article I of the Constitution. It is the only language of instruction and administration. It is in this capacity that remains until now the only institutional means of social promotion. The 1990 report of the High Council of the Francophonie puts the real figure of French in Senegal to 10% and the occasional French to 14%. This situation is not without raising questions whose answer is in the very history of the country and its colonial heritage.


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